GOOOH seeks qualified people candidates
September 14, 2011
To the editor:

Our forefathers designed the US House Of Representatives to represent the people of each of our current 435 districts. Modern politics has changed the House so its members no longer represent the citizens of their district. Special Interest money and Big Party agenda has taken control of the House away from the People.

GOOOH (pronounced go) stands for: G e t O u t O f O u r H o u s e . Goooh is a system for selecting qualified candidates to the House of Representatives that will be beholding to the people that elect them. No longer will special interest or big party money be able to buy their votes on the critical issues of today. We are asking every patriot to step forward and help us fire the current Congress that is destroying the future of our children and grandchildren. We will replace them with true representatives that have signed a pledge on how they will vote on the major issues of today. For more information go here.

Roy T. Newsom, Granbury, TX

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