MSSU to offer Computer Forensics
January 15, 2004
JOPLIN(SNS) - Cyber attacks, hacking and other computer-based criminal activities are costing businesses and government organizations billions of dollars each year.

"Computer Forensics," a new option for those seeking Bachelor of Science degrees, will be offered as part of a double major in Computer Information Science (CIS) and Criminal Justice Administration at Missouri Southern State University. Members of the MSSU Board of Governors approved the proposal for the option at their meeting Wednesday night.

The option will help provide valuable training in fighting computer crime and will help meet an immediate need for up to 50,000 specialists in the workforce.

In addition to securing computer networks against criminal threat, Criminal Forensics includes the identification, extraction, preservation and documentation of computer evidence for the purpose of identifying and prosecuting perpetrators of computer-based crime.

According to Michael Erbschloe, Vice President of Research, Computer Economics in Carlsbad, Calif., at least 50,000 more people are needed immediately to train in computer crime fighting.

Government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, NSA and U.S. Postal Service, need computer forensics specialists. State and local law enforcement departments also are seeking to hire these professionals.

On the corporate front, all companies, especially large and mid-sized ones with a Web presence, are increasingly becoming aware that they have serious computer forensics needs. Typical job titles are "junior computer forensics analyst" for entry-level positions and "senior computer forensics analyst" for those with several years of experience in the field.

Students meeting the requirements for the major will be prepared to take advantage of the same opportunities afforded current graduates from the Computer Information Science or the Criminal Justice Administration program, as well as opportunities for those pursuing careers in the field of Computer Forensics.

Students will be able to declare the new major as of the summer 2004 semester.

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