Foreign study is helped by new endowment
February 09, 2010
JOPLIN - The Institute of International Studies at Missouri Southern State University has announced its first endowed award for study abroad. According to Dr. Chad Stebbins, director of the Institute, the newly created Donna Davis Browne Award for Study Abroad will provide a monetary grant each year to assist an MSSU student studying in another country.

"The children of Donna Browne of Joplin wanted to recognize their mother's lifelong passion for travel and exploration of other societies," Stebbins said. "We are delighted that they decided to honor their mother in this way."

The award will help make study abroad more affordable for MSSU students and underscores the longstanding international mission of the university. Students interested in applying for the competitive award will submit essays about how they think the experience will enrich their undergraduate education and global outlook.

"In a time of budget cuts," Stebbins said, "an endowed award helps bring attention and support to International Studies, one of our prize programs at MSSU. We hope the Browne family's generosity will inspire others to create similar endowments so that more students can afford to experience a semester in another part of the world."

The three children of Donna and Leland Browne, Kate Browne, Becky Browne and Beau Browne, recently presented the award to their mother in celebration of her birthday.

"Mom is the world's best traveler," Becky Browne said. "She reads and reads and makes careful plans so she can enjoy every minute. She and Dad have been to more than 40 countries and they are headed to India this spring!"

"The award is a good match for our mother's values and commitments because the experience of study abroad opens hearts and minds to the vitality and value of life in other places," said Kate Browne, a professor of anthropology at Colorado State University. "Studying abroad can nurture a lifelong curiosity about other societies, make clear the value of cultural diversity, and enrich the understanding of our place in a very big world."

Anyone wishing to establish a similar endowment should contact Stebbins by sending an e-mail here.

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