BILD is new business initiative at MSSU
September 08, 2013
The Robert W. Plaster School of Business at Missouri Southern State University has established a new institute to be known as The Institute for Business Innovation, Leadership and Development (BILD). Its mission will be to help companies, individuals and organizations to create and expand new ventures, and contribute to the strategic economic development and positioning of the Joplin region.

Dr. John Groesbeck, dean of the Plaster School of Business, said, “We are excited about the possibilities of BILD and how this institute can become a nexus for bringing the educational assets of the state and nation to our region. This is a role we should be filling as Joplin’s comprehensive regional university.”

The Plaster School of Business houses all of the university’s programs in business, as well as those in computing, software development and industrial engineering technology.

“Our School offers a powerful combination of programs that all support the primary growth drivers in the global economy. We want to bring together business, computing technology and engineering together in unique ways that help grow existing businesses and new ventures that are leaders and innovators in the global market. At the same time, we are here to help individuals develop the tools needed to launch a new career or gain more meaningful employment,” Groesbeck said.

BILD will offer a range of activities from hosting regional seminars offered by thought leaders on global business and technology issues to offering non-credit training and development learning and certificates, both live and online.

Initial staffing for support of this institute will include Sherry Noller, who will continue her work as an associate with the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC). Internal MSSU faculty and staff, as well as external experts, will work together to offer programming content.

The initial training offerings through BILD will include:

Groesbeck says these activities will typically be non-credit seminars/training/courses priced for the relevant market, but the school is working on a model to facilitate credit conversion for an additional fee. Some current credit based efforts may simultaneously be listed with a non-credit option.

For more information, contact Noller at (417) 625-3128 or send an e-mail here.

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