AVA fox trotter continues to pile up trophies
March 30, 2011
The Missouri fox trotter The Kansas Kowboy D owned by John Brandreth of Brandreth Farms in Ava has been named the Friends of Sound Horses 2010 Horse of the Year and their champion for the third time. Kowboy also was the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association's World Grand Champion Open Versatility horse in 2010 completing six world championships and an MFTHBA gaited performance champion winning four world championships in 2008. Tori Blankenship of Blankenship Stables in Sarasota, FL was his trainer. Fox trotters originated in Missouri as ranch horses bred for smooth riding gaits as well as stamina for mountain riding and heavy ranch and farm work. They are known for versatility, athleticism, the naturally smooth flat walk and fox trot gaits and an endearing trainable personality.

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