MoDot seeks input on rail travel
January 04, 2011
JEFFERSON CITY - If you were charged with guiding Missouri's rail future, how would you spend your resources and what would you make a priority? A new online survey found on the Department of Transportation website is giving citizens the chance to offer suggestions. The survey is seeking information about rail services, challenges, opportunities, costs and benefits.

"We're launching efforts to develop a state rail plan for Missouri," said MoDOT Director Kevin Keith, "and we need your help to plan properly for the future. It's always a challenge to pay for all the transportation services and improvements Missourians tell us they want, so how the state invests our rail transportation dollars says a lot about our priorities and has a major impact on the state's economy."

The survey results, along with other information collected through public involvement activities, will be used to help MoDOT create a comprehensive rail plan that will primarily focus on three general areas: freight rail development, passenger rail and highway/rail crossing safety.

Editor's note: It's an opportunity to suggest rail travel between Springfield and Tulsa or Springfield and St. Louis or Kansas City that also would impact citizens in Joplin wanting rail access to those cities. Of course, Joplin as a connecting point would be most desirable.

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