Letter to the open-minded
March 17, 2004
Every four years, the two major parties dust off their stale old "anybody but whomever, lesser of two evils, wasted vote," hogwash. Jesse Ventura ran a woefully under-funded campaign for governor in Minnesota against Skip Humphrey (son of late Hubert Humphrey) and Norm Coleman (now a U.S. Senator for Minnesota) and won. It’s the 21st Century and an Independent can be President if the people say so.

I support Ralph Nader as a candidate for President of the United States.



My best interests aren’t represented by either major party. They’re helping themselves at my expense. Giving Ralph some bargaining power is the only way I can use my vote to hold the two parties accountable for a lifetime of broken promises.


Ralph Nader is an honorable man with a passion for justice. He has fought against great odds to provide me with a safer, more democratic life. To my knowledge, he has never lied or broken a promise to the country. The high society boys running against him do it all the time.


  1. Ralph Nader works for justice. He is the only candidate whose first priority is fighting the rampant corruption that infests our political system.

  2. The budget, tax, trade, and public investment policies of Ralph Nader will provide more Americans with government funded jobs that strengthen the nation’s economy.

  3. Ralph Nader opposes the indiscriminate use of the language and tools of war to engage the world in the common pursuit of freedom.

  4. Ralph Nader will apply direct treatments to end the suffering caused by the injustice and mismanagement of our national health care; education; agricultural; commerce; labor; and criminal justice bureaucracies.


Scott Beckman

Santa Fe, NM

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