Is global warming a hoax?
March 21, 2007
Less than a decade ago, we were being deluged with unending reports on the coming horror that would be created by Y2K. Billions of dollars were spent to correct an imaginary problem. Then on that long predicted moment when January 1, 2000, came and passed, nothing happened! The fact was very simple - unless a computer had been programmed to cut off when its calendar turned over "00," nothing was going to happen. A computer is only a machine and doesn’t in itself know the difference between two zeroes and two of any other number. Some would argue that nothing happened because of all the money spent to prevent anything from happening. But, the companies that did nothing, such as the one I work for, came out as good as those who spent millions. It was all a farce!

Then there was the hysteria about El Niño. Now, El Niño was real, but it was nothing new. It has existed as a weather cycle as long as weather has been recorded.

Now we have a new crisis - man-made global warming. If a scientist dares to question this theory of man-made CO2 causing a coming world disaster, that scientist is accused of being on the payroll of the big energy companies or of just being incompetent. No dissention is allowed in the discussing. Open scientific dialog is forbidden.

Any time political correctness demands that open discussion from both sides cannot be part of a discussion, true science goes out the window.

But, some scientists have put their reputations on the line to do the unspeakable. They are challenging the global warming theory. In a 75 minute documentary, which can be viewed here (, these scientists clearly show that the scientific evidence doesn’t fit the theory. These researchers say without hesitation that the sun causes global warming cycles. But, there is money involved in being on the global warming bandwagon. So, scientists who want their projects financed, must go with the cash-flow.

Now, it doesn’t take a scientist to see good reason to question the global warming theory. Science has taught us that, thousands of years ago, there was an ice age. If that is correct, then this old world has been warming up for a long time. And, we should be glad it did or we would all be Eskimos. By the way, there was no man-made CO2 around way back then to cause all that melting of the ice.

I for one want to go on record as having my own theory about the cause of global warming. My theory will cause me to be labeled a heretic by the politically correct high priests. And, I do hope that the big energy companies will put me on the payroll so I can afford their products.

My theory is this: Global warming is caused by political rhetoric.

Commentary by Steve Casey
Stonewall, LA

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