Proverbs 31: Choosing a wife
July 05, 2010
God asks an interesting question in verse 10, "An excellent wife, who can find?" NASU Verse 10 begins a poem that ends with verse 31. This poem lists in great detail many wonderful qualities which if practiced would result in producing an excellent wife, whose worth would be far above jewels.

The Proverbs 31 poem begins by pointing out that trust is a necessary ingredient in a wife. (It is obvious that most of these points apply equally as well to husbands.) The excellent wife will work hard and do good...all the days of her life. The excellent wife is one who makes sure that there is ample food in the house and distributes it fairly. The excellent wife plans ahead and invests wisely, using the profits more wisely still. The excellent wife takes precautions to protect her own health and to keep herself physically strong. The excellent wife readies the household for the inevitable time of hardship that will come due to bad weather or famine. She keeps the household in a position to be generous to the poor. The excellent wife makes sure the family is clothed at least adequately, but she knows that the strength of her character is more important than physical clothing. The excellent wife builds up the reputation of her husband so that he is respected in the community. The excellent wife speaks words of wisdom and kindness. The excellent wife will love, nurture, train, and discipline her children with consistency. Because of that training, they will grow up and shower her with respect and blessing. The excellent wifewill fear (respect) the Lord. The fruit of her love, the works of her hands, the dignity of her character, will cause her husband to burst into a song of praise blessing her.

Proverbs 31:10 asks, "An excellent wife, who can find?" NASU Is there one anywhere around to be found? Why aren't there more? An excellent wife does not just appear from out of nowhere, by accident. An excellent wife is one who was trained by godly parents. As parents we have a responsibility to God and to our children's future spouses to train our daughters (and sons) in the ways of the Lord. If you have a daughter, let me suggest that you use Proverbs 31 as an outline to train her. Surely there are other godly traits not found here in this chapter, but if you get your daughter to incorporate all that is here, into her life, you will have accomplished a great thing.

Proverbs 31:10 asks, "An excellent wife, who can find?" NASU Surely, it is a difficult search indeed. As parents, we have a responsibility to God and to our children to consistently pray for the future spouses of our children. Your sons and daughters will be looking for mates. Will they have the wisdom to look for the right person, in the right places, with the right qualities? We need to be praying for wisdom and discipline for our children as they search for a mate.

Choosing Christ as Lord and Savior is our most important decision. Choosing a spouse is our second most important decision. It is bewildering to contemplate how little time and effort and prayer is invested in this incredibly important, life-long decision.

Commentary is by Pastor Steve Ellison, Harvey's Chapel Baptist Church, Hot Springs, AR. Ellison's purpose in writing is to lead readers to examine their own walk with God and their relationships with other people. He enjoys giving presentations on the religious beliefs of America's Founding Fathers and preaching series of messages which some call "revivals."

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