One Democrat, 17 Republicans to head committees
January 25, 2009
JEFFERSON CITY - Senate leader Charlie Shields (R-St. Joseph) recently announced that 18 Senate committees that will be tasked with holding public hearings and drafting legislation on issues important to Missourians through 2009.

As Senate leader, Shields names all committees, appoints chairmen and members of the majority caucus to those committees. Shields said he worked with senators to review the roles of the committees and amend them to make sure they encompassed the issues that are important to improving the everyday lives of the people of Missouri.

"I believe we - Republicans and Democrats - must work together to address the emerging issues that affect our everyday lives," Shields said. "That is why I named a committee to be chaired by the Democrat leader. By working across party lines, the committees and, more importantly, the chairmen and chairwomen I have named, will be able to successfully advance quality

legislation that will benefit the people of Missouri."

The Senate committees and their chairmen are:

A sentence in Senate Resolution 86 describes the committee assigned to the lone Democrat. It says, "The Committee on Progress and Development shall consider and report upon bills and matters referred to it concerning the changing or maintenance of issues relating to human welfare." The role of each of the other proposed committees is posted here.

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