The great American snow job against Howard Dean
February 04, 2004
The voters of this nation deserve to take a discerning look at the men who are currently running for President.

In the preceding days and months, much has been contrived to skew the "perception" in the eyes of the voting public in favor of Kerry and Edwards or Clark and against Dean.

Candidates' sound-bites range from I am electable and a war hero, the mainstay of Kerry, to I’m the candidate of hope and optimism Edwards--a line so often repeated by Edwards that it makes you wonder why he is saying it so much. The posturing in yet another camp is I am the general and know how to command Clark. All these phrases are meant to distract you away from real substantive issues, attacking the gargantuan problems that the Bush Administration has aided and abetted.

The decisions that face voters are befuddling at best, and consequently most people don’t care who gets into office. Why? Because their assumption is that things will never change.

Voters also are bewildered and blind when left to their own devices, relying heavily on the scrunched up TV version of the candidate. These versions are hammered out like a blade on the anvil, blazing hot enough to sear their brains to the TV screen. Bang -their minds are made up, not to be given a second look. Most voters are unaware of the people behind the scenes, holding the strings to create these perceptions.

This is the daily assault, but most assuredly perpetrated against Howard Dean. The small mirror on your car says something like "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear." In politics, these pictures have been brought closer so that you don’t have to look at the bigger picture.

There is a group of veterans calling themselves Veterans Against John Kerry. Apparently, all is not as it appears. Not everyone thinks he is a hero. Someone who paraded around with the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese communist flag is, definitely and emphatically, not my hero.

I suggest to you that the war dead, the wounded, maimed and amputee soldiers are the real heroes. The thousands of men who died for this country, and who came back mentally, psychologically, and physically disabled are heroes. All veterans did their duty. But, I take offense at someone calling himself a hero who asked to be brought home early from his assignment in Vietnam.

Kerry ran from the conflict, not to it. You are not my hero. My brother Daniel died in Vietnam to fight Communism. Now we are giving the Communists thousands and thousands of our jobs. You, John Kerry, helped to create this problem, and are now running on the backs of all our fallen soldiers. I call that a snow job.

Now on the other hand there is Edwards, who mesmerizes his audiences with his I am the candidate of hope and optimism slogan. What else does Edwards tell you? I contend that he is the consummate closer. His lawyering days tell more in his approach then he tells you about a substance. It's called a snow job.

There are other stop Dean people. Of utmost importance is the orchestrated, well designed plan of media bias against Dean. Why Dean? He would re-regulate the communications sectors and much more. They fear him.

And what of Terry McAuliffe, representing the DNC Express, who signals to the horse racers that they don’t have to finish the race. Front-loaded primaries. Democracy left standing on the sidelines. Who does this McAuliffe guy think he is? I say, get over yourself, Mr. McAuliffe. You don’t speak for me or any other voter. This deception and collusion comes from you within the party to continue its ruse. We, the voters, have power and we want to use it to investigate these men more thoroughly. Why the rush? You want the leader in this race to emerge and the lesser candidates to fall away like cookie crumbs off your pants leg? I call that a snow job.

What about you folks? My own history shows me just how naïve the American voter truly is--about candidates, about primaries, about the convoluted delegate selection process.

America, who has planted the word electable on your forehead? Those of you who only vote in the general election don’t wake up until then. Too late. Many other hidden forces are involved in this illusory game. Most of the candidates have bowed out by then, their voices squelched so long ago by the special interest money launderers.

Howard Dean is trying to wake us up. Hypocritical Kerry, can you say, Johnny Chung?

What of the other great obscurers, the Greedy Monopolistic Media Giants, they surely must be handed medals for their performances in this charade.

I say, Tell me what democracy looks like? This is what democracy looks like: Howard Dean.

Tell it like it is, Howard. Leave your fingers off the squelch button, because I want to hear every golden word that you have to say.

As for you voters, choose the man, not his perceived chances, and we all win.

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