Saudi propaganda condemned by Bond
February 17, 2005
The Missouri Senator raises concerns over Saudi-funded hate-teachings at U.S. mosques

WASHINGTON - At a Capitol Hill hearing today, U.S. Senator Kit Bond expressed concern to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that Saudi Arabia continues to fund the spread of the hate-filled teachings of extremist Wahhabism within America's borders.

"The Saudis are exporting anti-American, extremist teachings directly into our country," said Bond, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"It is a destructive force that cannot be allowed to fester and grow within our borders. It is simply unacceptable to allow a foreign government to foster hatred of America from within. We must recognize that these actions by Saudi Arabia pose a very real security threat."

Bond, citing a recent report by the Freedom House, said Saudi-connected resources and publications espousing an extreme, hate-filled Islamic ideology are common reading and educational material in many of America's main mosques thanks to the Saudis.

The report states that many of the materials are official Saudi government publications, either distributed by the Saudi embassy or disseminated by mosques or centers supported by the Saudi crown, such as the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles.

Calling America the "Abode of the Infidel", one publication calls on Muslims in America to "be disassociated from the infidels, hate them for their religion, leave them, never rely on them for support, do not admire them, and always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law." The book's cover reads, "Greetings from the Cultural Department" of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C.

"Saudi Arabia cannot have it both ways," said Bond. "They cannot claim to be an ally of America in the war on terror while feeding the hatred of America within our country. The time to put a stop to this is now and if the Saudis don't recognize the danger their actions pose to America, then America must reevaluate our relationship with the kingdom."

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