Billy Long needs to know the facts
October 10, 2013
to the editor (and readers):

If you like the government shutdown, costing us billions of tax dollars per week, read no farther.

Representative Billy Long stated in the Springfield News Leader on October 6, 2013, that he has “had calls...saying 'Keep it up'”.

He did not mention that he has had calls saying just the opposite (this writer knows of many). He also did not mention that he has had advice, including that of Senator Roy Blunt, that shutdown is not a good strategy for our country.

Robert Reich, writing a recent "Huffington Post" blog, stated that the overall goal of the shutdown and similar idiotic tactics is to make all of us so cynical about government that we just give up. He pointed out that when we do, the billionaires and their Tea Party flunkies get exactly what they want. I fear that this is complete control of our government, our economy, our social system...the American soul.

Instead, Reich encouraged us to “make a ruckus.” Billy Long needs to hear our ruckus. His local number is (417)781-1041. His D.C. Office (202)225-6536. Let him know what you think about the shutdown.

Not everyone wants him to “Keep it up.” He needs to hear the outcry from the other side as well.

Sherry L. Buchanan, Ph.D.

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