Christians, judge thyself
February 18, 2005
We appreciate C.K. Sigler’s answer (Joplin Globe commentary, Feb. 11, 2005) to the question of what Jesus would have thought of homosexuality. Not mentioning homosexuality leaves all of us to wonder what he would have thought. Something Jesus did find important enough to mention was divorce.

The author of Matthew quotes Jesus as saying, “whoever divorces his wife, except for unchastity, and marries another, commits adultery.” How many of you taking time out of your day to call homosexuals sinners are partaking in activities that Jesus clearly viewed as sin?

How much social harm exists in America today because of homosexuality and can such harm (if it exists) even compare to the effect of divorce? Have you done that analysis? I would suggest that instead of throwing stones at homosexuals conservatives might serve moral values best by spending such time looking in the mirror.

Rev. MacKinney recently sought (Joplin Globe commentary, Feb 13, 2005) to clarify his previous remarks that very much seemed to indicate that he thought Tsunami victims (including thousand of children) in Southeast Asia died because of their sin. Now he explains they really died to send a "wake-up call" about world sin.

Judging and pointing fingures at others doesn't change people's behavior, it just creates more pain and hate. Be sure that in the process of being holy you do not betray the very principles that Jesus died for.

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