Boston Legal episode given BuzzFlash award
March 24, 2006
BuzzFlash, a website that provides headlines, news and commentary for what they call a "geographically-diverse, politically-savvy, pro-democracy, anti-hypocrisy Web community" has announced that their latest "Wings of Justice" award goes to David E. Kelley, James Spader and the writers of Boston Legal.

"Okay, we never thought we would be giving the BuzzFlash 'Wings of Justice Award' to the people associated with a weekly tv program, one of its stars, and the show's writers, but we were wrong," say the award-givers. They claim that each time they watched James Spader's closing arguments in the Boston Legal episode titled "Stick It," they wondered, ""Why don't Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi say this? Why aren't there Democratic Party advertisements on television with this message?"

BuzzFlash has labeled the episode a "splendid experience to watch someone say what needs to be said." Of course, Spader is talking to a fictional jury, but he's also speaking to every American that needs to pull their heads out of the sand. And no one should disagree that the case for democracy could be more compellingly and articulately stated in such a brief argument.

To listen to the speech that bypassed corporate censorship go here.

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