Volunteers needed to circulate petition
February 24, 2008
A petition to place a renewable energy initiative on the ballot in November is being circulated. The initiative fostered by Renew Missouri sponsored by the Missouri Votes Conservation requires utility companies in Missouri to gradually increase the percentage of baseload power derived from truly renewable resources.

According to Cynthia Andre, representative for the White River Forum, surveys show that the majority of utility ratepayers are willing to increase their bills by a small margin in order to clean up the energy supply. The initiative protects ratepayers by limiting rate increases to no more than 1% and utilities by partially excluding them from the renewable requirement if they can't meet the allowable increase. However, she said, it is expected that most of Missouri utilities will be able to comply with this initiative with little or no additional cost to the ratepayers.

About 130,000 signatures will be needed to get the initiative on the ballot. To volunteer to circulate a petition for signatures send an e-mail request here.

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