Terrorism never stops
July 02, 2008
Staff members of thejewishweek.com have reported today that the bulldozer [ correction: front end loader, wheeled not tracked] terrorist attack by an East Jerusalem Arab and 31-year-old father of two that killed three women and injured dozens has led to calls for tighter controls on the capital city's 200,000 Palestinians.

The attack that took place on Jaffa Street in the heart of Jerusalem shortly after noon on Wednesday involved the skilled use of a bulldozer. The report quotes an eye witness as having seen the tractor drive up to a bus, lower its shovel, pick up the bus and turn it on its side. Then it bulldozed its way into about a half-dozen cars, the report said, including that of a Toyota killing the driver while her infant baby sat in a carseat in the rear of the vehicle, apparently not seriously injured. The dozer also was said to have crashed head-on into a commercial van, driving back and forth over it before heading towards people waiting at a bus stop.

Eventually, someone at the scene got a clear shot at the perpetrator, killing him. The event has been caricaturized as proof that "terrorism never stops."

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