What closed minds have wrought
September 20, 2008
What closed minds have wrought "When I told a right-wing friend of mine about what the president had done [ie. remain in the Sarasota elementary school classroom listening to kids read after being told that the World Trade Center was being attacked], I already knew he would defend it. You see, you have to understand that because Bush is a conservative Republican he could be caught sodomizing a goat on the front lawn of the White House and they'd say this only showed his love for animals...We've heard so many times that the real president is Dick Cheney, not George Bush. My guess, without having any inside knowledge about the situation, is that Bush gets his way on whatever he wants. But he is smart enough to know he doesn't know anything and Cheney does, and lazy enough to not want to work to acquire this knowledge, so he defers to Cheney's judgment almost out of necessity....."

---Vincent Bugliosi from his book The Prosecution of George Bush for Murder

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