Leaders chosen for 95th Missouri General Assembly
November 06, 2008
Subject to full Senate approval Senate Republicans today unanimously endorsed Charlie Shields (R-St. Joseph) to serve in the top position as president pro tem of the 95th General Assembly beginning January 7, 2009. He has served as the Senate majority floor leader since 2005.

Also elected to Senate majority caucus leadership positions are these men:

"We bucked the national trend and increased a strong majority in the Missouri Senate on Election Day by gaining three more seats because the people of Missouri trust us to protect their pocketbooks from out-of-control spending, especially in these uncertain times," Shields said. "Our leadership team will build on the common sense reforms we've passed and continue to work for the people by creating more jobs, making sure our state's tax structure only generates enough revenue to pay for the critical functions of government, making health care available and affordable for all Missourians, and improving higher education while easing students' costs."

Democrats elect leaders

Members of the Senate minority caucus have elected their leaders. Victor Callahan (D-Independence) has been elected minority floor leader. He succeeds Maida Coleman (D-St. Louis) who has reached her term limit. Rita Heart Days (D-North St. Louis County) was elected assistant minority floor leader, Frank Barnitz (D-Lake Spring) retains his position as caucus chairman, and Yvonne Wilson (D-Kansas City) remains caucus secretary.

"The people of Missouri overwhelmingly spoke in this election and they want change," Callahan said. "Education, affordable health care and getting our economy moving again are not partisan issues and we must work together to find solutions. We stand ready as a caucus to do just that."

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