Blunt issues pardons, recommends parole hearing
December 24, 2008
JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Matt Blunt today announced his decision, with the unanimous recommendation of the Missouri Probation and Parole Board, to pardon Scott Flentge, Joy Howard Marshall, Sharo Shirshekan, and Joseph Siebrasse--four of a total of only 14 pardons the governor has granted. He denied almost 1800. In addition, the governor announced action to allow a parole hearing for Gregory Naeger.

"Scott Flentge, Joy Howard Marshall, Sharo Shirshekan and Joseph Siebrasse have paid for their mistakes," Blunt said. "It is my hope and belief that they will continue to be productive citizens."

The offenses of those pardoned were:

More than two dozen Missourians have advocated for Naeger's parole hearing. In 2001 at the age of 24 he was convicted of second degree burglary, attempted felony stealing and attempted escape. He was sentenced to 17 years but the sentence was shortened to 12 because of legal issues.

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