Cazares, come out, come out wherever you are
January 06, 2009
Meet Jose Deleon Alberto Cazares who gained notoriety by being featured on America's Most Wanted Cazares is wanted by the Joplin Police Department for the 2006 murder of Joshua Olson. After the crime he is said to have fled to the Brownsville, TX or Matamoras, Mexico locations. Anyone with information that would be helpful in locating Cazares should contact the Joplin Police Department at (417) 623-3131. UPDATE - Through a Crime Stoppers' tip the Cameron, TX Sheriff's Dept. was able to locate Cazares in Brownsville, TX. He was arrested on Jan. 24, 2011 and will be held in the Cameron County Jail awaiting extradition back to Jasper County, MO.

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