Planned Parenthood softens pro-choice stand
January 13, 2009
Planned Parenthood of Missouri offered congratulations on Missouri's Inauguration Day to Governor Jay Nixon, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, state treasurer Clint Zweifel and Attorney General Chris Koster labeling the new administration supportive of women's health.

"Despite the enormous challenges facing Missouri and this country, we now have statewide leadership that values information, will promote policies which support Missouri women and families, and that will put science, facts and data before ideology," reported Michelle Trupiano, Planned Parenthood advocate.

While Trupiano praised the governor for selecting Margaret Donnelly as his nominee to head the Department of Health and Senior Services, she was less complimentary of the way other legislators sought to promote their pro-life agendas.

Regarding incoming House Speaker Ron Richard's and Speaker Pro Tem Bryan Pratt's commitment to reduce the number of abortions in Missouri, Trupiano voiced Planned Parenthood's belief that the best and safest way to achieve unwanted pregnancies is to "help our teens delay the onset of sexual activity by providing them with honest and complete information and to help women prevent unintended pregnancies through better access to family planning services." And that, Trupiano stressed, would be Planned Parenthood's role.

Commenting about the refiling of HB 226, the Pharmacy Denial bill, by Representative Ed Emery (R-Lamar) that protects pharmacies that refuse to dispense hormonal contraceptives, Trupiano says that the bill "deceitfully re-defines emergency contraception as an abortion drug and falsely suggests RU-486 is dispensed at pharmacies. Correcting Emery's bill, she says that RU-486 or Mifeprex is available only under direct contract between the manufacturer and an abortion provider. A pharmacist does not act as a "middle man."

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