Godless society
May 30, 2009
To the editor:

We outlawed verbal daily prayers in our public schools in the early 1960s. Consider our Godlessness since: the drug culture; legalized abortion; the teaching of evolution and situational ethics; school and public shootings; increased lawsuits and an over-complicated legal system; widespread gambling; crime and homelessness; vast increases in homosexuality, venereal diseases, pornography, fornication and unwed mothers, adultery and divorce; materialism; financial irresponsibility; government waste and excesses; astronomical greed among our CEOs, professionals, and business owners; a wickedly atrocious overpriced health insurance system and medical profession; and numberless churches teaching incorrect concepts and doctrines. Where is the public outcry over all our horrible sinfulness against our Heavenly Father who has inspired our Holy Bible.

Kenneth F. Maness Jr., Davenport, IA

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