Overcome holiday blues; use green
December 16, 2009
Is your holiday cheer distressed by money concerns? Wear green, the color of love, to enhance peace within yourself and encourage patience with others is the advice offered by author/interior designer Jami Lin. Other suggestions for the use of the color green include decorating for the holidays with green candles, table cloths, and ornaments to support harmony with family and friends, maintaining those green accents and accessories to help keep that peaceful feeling throughout the year.

Following a feng shui philosophy, Lin believes that color influences everyone's emotions, affecting everything people think, say and do. She believes that green especially as nature's color is easy on the eye and considered "the color of love and compassion."

Lin suggests to eliminate stress, expense and anxiety by gifting loved ones with handmade, live or silk evergreen wreaths (circles are symbols of togetherness and longevity), and instead of gifting traditional red accents, which may cause impatience, use blue (greenís partner) for more natural inspiration. Just like the color of a crisp, springtime sky, add blue silk flowers, bows, or ornaments for more tranquility. Create items during a gift-making party or have friends and family bring recyclable objects to share, recreate and re-gift. Lin believes that it is impossible to be stressed when thinking loving thoughts or being surrounded by people one loves.

All colors have special life-enhancing benefits. Consider this rainbow color wheel: