Missouri governor pushes for ethics reform
January 02, 2010
JEFFERSON CITY - The Governor detailed four key elements in a letter to end 2009 to members of the Missouri General Assembly that he believes should be the foundation of meaningful and comprehensive ethics reform. While he is open to further discussion he is stressing these key points:

  1. Enacting strict campaign contribution limits, as mandated by 74 percent of Missouri voters through a ballot initiative in 1994 and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court;

  2. Eliminating committee-to-committee transfers, which undermine transparency and weaken contribution limits;

  3. Prohibiting an officeholder from taking money under the guise of "political consulting," political advice or similar services, during their time in office and for a reasonable period after leaving office; and

  4. Closing the revolving door between the legislature and lobbying, by prohibiting legislators from serving as registered lobbyists of the legislative branch for a reasonable period after they leave office.

"Missourians expect and deserve a government that is transparent, accountable and responsive," Governor Jay Nixon said. "Meaningful ethics reform will help make sure that each of us who holds the public trust lives up to that clear standard. That's why we must enact strict campaign contribution limits, eliminate shady committee-to-committee transfers, and prohibit officeholders from working as paid political consultants and lobbyists. I look forward to working with a bipartisan coalition to turn these key pillars into strong, comprehensive ethics reform that is worthy of the people of the Show-Me State."

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