Creating DVDs from VHS tapes
January 16, 2010
A simple way to convert old VHS tapes to DVDs has been a popular question for the CNET Community, according to comments from Lee Koo, CNET Community manager.

Most responses from members of the community suggested using a standalone VCR-to-DVD recorder or buying a DVD recorder and hooking it up to a VCR. Koo says those would be the easiest solutions.

Other suggestions would be to use third-party services that will make the transfer for a fee. But that may sound like a cop-out.

Koo seems to agree with a recommendation to use a video capture card or device together with special software. These would allow hooking up a VCR to a computer for direct transfer of the video to the computer's hard drive and then taking the video file and burning it to a DVD.

"This [method] requires a bit more technical involvement and hardware requirements, but the result [the ability to edit the video file] may be worth the extra effort," Koo says.

The discussion thread may be found here.

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