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June 25, 2010
In an attempt to raise funding The Bridge ministries has announced that a total of 1100 bricks will be laid at the main entrance of their facility. Donors are being asked to leave messages to future generations about what they consider important.

What Dan Mitchell, director, considers significant is that the entrance that the teens use is bracketed by a growing number of supporters.

"I love watching that from my window," Mitchell said. "It reminds me of what is written in the book of Hebrews: 'We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.'"

Mitchell gave examples of messages that already have been posted.

"My family put one out for each living grandkid with a Bible verse. My mom put Grandma's name there and my sister wanted to remember my Aunt Pean (Ethyl Pauline "Democrat" Mitchell)."

To leave a mark, a donation of either $120 or $500 is suggested. For a form to get started go here.

The Bridge Ministries, that includes the Autumn Ramp Park and the Foundry music, is located at 3405 S. Hammons Blvd., Joplin. It exists, according to information on their Facebook page, "to attract and connect all youth and connect them to Christ." For more information phone (417) 206-6886.

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