Car powered by CNG follows Route 66
July 10, 2010
Mark McConville and Keith Barfield take time out to pose with their '66 GTO on Route 66 on the way to Amboy, CA during their "Drive to Inspire" tour. The Discovery Center of Springfield welcomed them on July 3, 2010, a day later than expected, during their attempt to drive from Santa Monica to Chicago in their car completely powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

With $700,000 in funding secured by Congressman Roy Blunt, the city of Springfield has sought to establish a centralized CNG fueling station within its borders. Their rationale is that CNG is a clean burning (improves engine life), high octane fuel that produces 60%-90% less smog producing pollutants and 30%-40% less greenhouse gas emissions than either gasoline or diesel fuels and, thus, allows for cleaner air to breathe.

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