Wi-Fi insecurity
September 16, 2010
Wi-Fi insecurity "'Sending messages over Wi-Fi is kind of like sending messages by smoke signal. You're connected through an open access point, anybody who can see the smoke can read your message,' was a comment by Hyort. And it is so true. While you can protect your stored information on your computer by having all the right security utilities (firewall, antivirus, etc...), what's being transmitted/broadcasted over the airwaves can be captured (unless that transmitted data is encrypted). The information reads like an open book. So a good rule of thumb is unless you are using a VPN (virtual private network) to transmit personal data across a Wi-Fi network, except when absolutely necessary, don't transmit anything that you wouldn't write on a postcard and send out for the world to see."

---Lee Koo, CNET Community Mgr. (7-30-10)

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