Poet's Corner: Time continuum
September 23, 2010
One immediate thought was, "Where have all the flowers gone?" But the poem below is not a war protest but just a realization of time passing. Here's a poem discovered a decade after having been written, creating another reflective moment for the writer on the time that so quickly passed in between.....


Time gone
No returning
Only lookbacks allowed

Memories sealed
Imagined or real
Possibilities abound

Time marches on
Can’t get it back
Quirky beat of a drum

Glimpses pass by
Visions captured and lost
Sometimes grasped in the dim

Moments to minutes
Where did it go?
With luck, a good flash returns

Inside us are memories
Some faint, some pronounced
We thrive on the history of our private renown

There will come a morrow
Our futures to be
When memory – our history – is processed, appealed and decreed

May Belle Osborne, Neosho

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