Politicians' promises: bluster or truth?
January 03, 2011
by Brent Regan

With all eyes on the new Congress and a deflated Obama administration, we at voxverus.com have listed a select group of elected officials who either rode or survived the wave in November. We will be watching to see if their votes in 2011 match their campaign rhetoric from last year.

Question: Do you think 112th Congress will adhere to the will of the people in 2011? Please go here to cast your vote to be forwarded to your representative.

Brent Regan is inventor and developer of “VoxVerus,” a social networking system designed to promote communication between voters and their elected officials. An entrepreneur, design engineer and inventor (11 patents) Regan has won the 2010 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award. He has been a member of American Mensa High IQ society since 1993 and in the 99.9 percentile ranking, the Society of Automotive Engineers since 1983, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association since 1992. He enjoys life in North Idaho with his wife of 24 years and three children.

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