Educating "we the people"
January 04, 2011
The quality of our lives is often reduced to pluses and minuses. We hear, “I’m having a bad day” or “This is a good day.”

But many times I have heard, “The more things change, the more they stay the same” Also, “What goes around comes around." Peculiarly, that is a mathematical equation. Is it coincidence, at this time that science has succumbed to its own weight?

Fractals come to mind. This is the idea of constant pattern reduction: a triangle sectioned into four planes, into sixteen planes, and so on or modeling redundancy, a pattern of characteristics that continue “ad infinitum.”

I ask you, Is there perpetuity in some things? Yes, there is. Could this fractal pattern be assigned a base value? I can think of one applied to people and government.

The smallest fractal would be the lone individual, or citizen. If applying a value, or constant to a citizen, what would it be? I believe, that constant has already been established. In one phrase, “inalienable rights.” This is a value that, when applied to all men, anchors us in a society creating uniformity while allowing for individuality.

Governance of this society would necessarily be loose, but under a constant as well. What constant provides, the framework, for this free society of equals to flourish? A limited, overlaying construction of laws that constrains the power to the people while providing some essentials--safety of persons and property and some principles of commerce, international relations, and reduction of debt.

This perfect mating of the citizen and overlaying governance was institutionalized forever in the “Constitution” of the Republic. America was born on immutable foundations. The only necessary conglomerate is “We the People” and “All Men.”

This mathematical perfection has one enemy, ignorance. Like all things man-made, it requires maintenance. Education is the only balm, to stop erosion of the individual, and thus the masses. Ignorance is cancerous. It promotes strange fractals. We can name diversity, subversion of the individual citizen and proclaiming, one citizen's needs or wants requiring submission of another citizen's rights. Cancer devolves the fractal perfection.

Join with others, as is your right, and speak out as Tea Party members, constitutionalists or libertarians.

Especially, please support those forming a political party called the Tea Party. Anyone wanting to help can go to:

As for my personal crusade, I say, bring our warriors home! I want to see an unequivocal plan to kill the enemy before one brave son or daughter is placed in harm's way by those who want to rule.

Commentary by Mark Anderson, MO. T.P.P., Springfield, MO

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