Wanted: mushroom lovers!
January 19, 2011
A Springfield chapter of the Missouri Mycological Society is being formed--from the ground up. For those who don't know, "mycology" (from the Greek μύκης, mukēs) is a branch of biology concerned with the study of "fungus." This group in particular is interested in mushrooms--how to identify the edible ones from the poisonous and how to cook, eat and savor them.

Participants are being sought to fill the roles of president, secretary and membership and foray coordinator. Springfield chapter members via the MOMS newsletter, The Earthstar Examiner will have access to all forays and events throughout the state and surrounding areas

"We can do much by e-mail," explained organizer Michael Baird, "but in the end, we'll have a meeting so that we can get to know one another and make some plans for the year. We hope to have several forays and maybe a few events--like a dinner or a camp out."

Based in St. Louis, the Missouri Mycological Society currently has about 150 members. Included in their calendar of events are mushroom identification classes dealing with poisonous, common and edible mushrooms found in Missouri, forays into areas conducive to mushroom growth. recipe exchanges, and survival stories. They also offer scholarship grants to junior, senior and graduate students pursuing degrees in mycology in Missouri or bordering states. The society also is planning to expand into the Columbia and Jefferson City areas.

To join a mailing list, send an e-mail to Baird here or phone (417) 309-3227.

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