JPD warns against selling controlled substances
April 04, 2011
Detective Andrew Beckfield of the Joplin Police Department announced today (April 4, 2011) that "spot checks" will be conducted throughout the city to ensure that the sale of prohibited items is not being conducted. The action comes after the results of a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory that showed that two packages seized from two local businesses, "Space 2 Blue" and "Space 2 Lemon lime," contained 1-butyl-3-(1-naphthoyl) (JWH-073) and 1-pentyl-s-(i-naphthoyl) indole (JWH-018), chemicals classified as Schedule 1 controlled substances.

A Google search THE JOPLIN INDEPENDENT conducted found a forum in which teens were discussing drugs that were sold as "fake marijuana." They were packaged as herbs to be burned in incense pots. However, the teens said they rolled the substance in wrappers to make 'joints." It should be noted that after trying the stuff they unanimously agreed that it was poison.

If businesses are found to be selling these items, charges could be pursued for distribution of a controlled substance. Anyone with knowledge of these particular items should phone (417) 623-3131, Ext. 454.

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