How to make donations for Joplin tornado victims
May 25, 2011
Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf of Springfield, a US Congressional candidate, wants to warn disaster victims about "con artists and politicians" who may try to take advantage of their plight. He also calls attention to Republicans who may be looking to reduce disaster relief funding as part of a program to balance the budget.

"After learning of the tornado damage in Joplin, (I was visiting family out of state) I was faced with the question of what to say about it if anything at all, Ladendorf said. Any kind of statement seemed like exploitation."

His advice includes, "I would also like to caution everyone that it isn't just politicians who will seek to take advantage of disaster relief in Joplin. In previous disasters in Haiti and elsewhere con artists have set up fronts as charities, and I expect the same to happen here as well. Be very careful to whom you donate money in the name of Joplin relief. Also be cautious of new apps you are unfamiliar with promising to help in Joplin. Do your research. Don't be careless with your data/money because you want to help in tornado relief."

Our advice:
[Various charities may be texed to make a $10 donation. They include texting the Salvation Army "JOPLIN" at 80888, Heart of Missouri United Way "JOPLIN" at 864833, and "REDCROSS" at 90999. In selecting an agency make sure that the funds are being used exclusively for Joplin's tornado victims and not going into a general fund.

We were told that the former Lerner store at the Northpark Mall is the location of a drop-off for clothes and other necessary items. We encourage any legitimate agencies to provide us with information regarding donation information.]

So far, we have received the following:

A large number of food vendors have donated food items. The city of Duquesne and the Baptist Student Union, 1124 N. Duquesne Rd. on the Missouri Southern campus will provide storage of food.

Clothing items are being moved from Missouri Southern to College Heights Christian Church, just east of the

intersection of Newman and Duquesne Roads.

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