Academy Sports issues official statement
May 26, 2011
Academy Sports has issued an official statement in order to quell rumors being circulated.

According to Elise Hasbrook, senior communications manager, there have been several inaccuracies reported about looting, fatalities and the security of their firearms inventory and the current situation at their Range Line Road store.

First and foremost, Hasbrook has confirmed that although the store sustained significant damage as a result of the tornadoes in the area, there were no fatalities or major injuries at the store on the evening of the storm. She does confirm that two associates sustained minor injuries.

She also confirms that on the evening of the storm staff secured all firearms and the next day they were removed from the scene. For added security their parking lot was used as a hub for agencies involved in search and rescue operations, including the Joplin Fire Department, Joplin Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

As a result of the damage sustained, the store will be closed until further notice.

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