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June 02, 2011
Senator Ron Richard (R-Joplin) has expressed his appreciation for the efforts of Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers in Joplin that aided in recovery efforts in Joplin. The Missouri Department of Public Safety recently announced that all individuals who had previously been reported as unaccounted-for have either been located or confirmed deceased and their next-of-kin notified.

Richard said: "The past two weeks have been tragic, heartbreaking, and devastating for our community The Highway Patrol's tireless efforts to find those who were missing will allow us to take one more step towards recovery. My heart goes out to all those who have lost family and friends - we are all mourning with you."

These figures have been revised as of June 5, 2011, the death toll stands at 141 due to the passing of three critically injured people. Their names have not been released.

The deceased are:

From Joplin

Jose O. Alvarez, 59
Maria L. Alvarez-Torres, 43
Barbara A. Anderson, 76
Sarah L. Anderson, 47
William A. Anderson, 53
Cyrus "Edward"Ash Jr, 87
Grace Aquino, 46
Robert W. Baker, 54
Bruce M. Baillie, 56
Robert E. Bateson, 45
Dorothy T. Bell, 88
Regina M. Bloxham, 55
Barbara Boyd, 86
Lathe E. Bradfield, 84
Leo E. Brown, 86
Hugh O. Buttram, 85
Tami L. Campbell, 28
Arriyinnah S. Carmona, 8
Moises Carmona-Navarro, 42
Shante M. Caton, 10
Raymond Chew, 66
Keenan K. Conger, 49
Vicki L. Cooper, 59
Teddy R. Copher, 71
Malissa A. Crossley, 36
Adam Darnaby, 27
Patricia E. Dawson, 74
Nancy E. Douthitt, 94
Ellen Doyle, 75
Faith Dunn, 71
Amonda S. Eastwood, 49
Richard A. Elmore, 70
Mark L. Farmer, 56
Ida M. Finley, 88,
Betty Fisher, 86
Robert S. Fitzgerald, 61
Rick E. Fox, 56
Marsha A. Frost, 32
Sebastian C. Frost, 10
Billie J. Gideon, 77
Paul E. Haddock, 63
Johnna Hale, 49
Caley Lantz Hare, 16
Dorothy V. Hartman, 91
Glenn W. Holland, 59
Lorie M. Holland, 48
Charlotte Hopwood, 84
Wendy A. Istas, 58
Jane E. Jaynes, 86
Kathy S. Keling, 53
James D. Kendrick, 63
Stanley D. Kirk, 62
Geneva Koler, 84
Tedra J. Kuhn, 69
Donald W. Lansaw Jr., 31
Bruce A. Lievens, 48
Billie S. Little, 65
Skyuler I. Logsdon, 1
Rachel K. Markham, 31
Patricia Mann, 64
James E. McKeel, 69
Mary L. McKeel, 64
Randall E. Mell, 49
Angelina A. Menapace, 52
Ronald D. Meyer, 64
Lorna K. Miller, 72
Ray Donald Miller III, 49
Esterlita Moore, 64
Doris Montgomery, 83
Sally Moulton, 57
Edmond V. Mullaney, 82
Sharyl Nelsen, 34
William R. Norton, 18
Charles E. Oster, 77
Shirley Ann Parker, 68
Mary J. Perry, 76
James B. Peterson, 27
Anna Pettek, 91
Hallie M. Piquard, 78
Loretta Randell, 54
Troy Raney, 39
Virgil T. Reid, 77
Johnny Richey, 52
Vicki Robertson, 66
Keith D. Robinson, 48
Virginia Mae Salmon, 80
Thomas Sarino, 75
Frances A. Scates, 70
Daniel W. Shirley, 48
Judy Smith, 71
Luther Smith, 71
Nicholaus A. Smith, 23
Lois L. Sparks, 92
Steven J. Stephens, 28
Gregan D. Sweet, 59
Heather L. Terry, 36
John Thomas Jr, 40
Zachary D. Treadwell, 9
Margaret Tuit, 92
Michael E. Tyndall, 33
Darian D. Vanderhoofven, 45
Joshua D. Vanderhoofven, 1
Miguel Vazquez-Castillo, 28
Zach Williams, 12
Charles W. Writer, 74

From other towns in Missouri


Charles K. Gaudsmith, 21
Iona Hull, 70
Melisa R. Johnson, 50
Sandra K. Thomas, 55

Eagle Rock

Carolane J. Collins, 62


Suzanne M. Mock, 39


Randy E. England, 34
Nancy Martin, 52
Jesse L. McKee, 44
John H. Petty, 37
Natalia M. Puebla, 17
Shelly Marie Ramsey, 42

Pierce City

Trenton Caton, 6


Ramona M. Bridgeford, 77
Dennis M. Osborn, 34

Webb City

Lois A. Comfort, 66
Hayze Howard, 1
Harli Howard, 5
Thomas Russell Howard, 29
Miles Wells, 49

From Kansas


Cheryl L. Jones, 39

Ft. Scott

Tonya L. Sawyer, 41


Tiera Whitley, 20


Clyde Coleman, 72
Dee A. Hayward, 47


Shyrell L. Smith, 68
Kayleigh Teal, 16

From Oklahoma


Christopher D. Lucas, 28


Gladys J. Seay, 83

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