Federal support for storm shelters petitioned
June 04, 2011
Lisa Bondeson a nurse from Maine and a MoveOn member, has created a petition that should be of interest to people in our area.

Believing that storm shelters provide a high level of protection from tornadoes like the one that hit Joplin, Bondeson wants Congress to consider helping to make their construction affordable. As part of reconstruction the federal government offers grants and low interest loans that could be used in part to build storm shelters, but Bondeson wants assistance for their construction available before a tornado strikes.

"That's why I'm calling on Congress to provide grants for storm shelters in states impacted by tornadoes through Community Development Block Grants," Bondeson says.

To petition to support grants for storm shelters in Tornado Alley, go to SignOn.org. All petitions from this area will be delivered to Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, according to a statement by Bondeson. However, note that by signing the petition sponsored by MoveOn.org, one is agreeing to receive mail messages from this group's civic and political action entities. An assurance is made by MoveOn.org that unsubscription may be made at any time.

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