New access to Flying J truck stop
June 09, 2011
Joplin - The construction project adding medians and an outer road on Route FF (32nd St. extension) at Flying J is nearing completion. The following explains the new ways to access Flying J: Access to Flying J's diesel fuel pumps is via a right turn off of Route FF - NOT THE NEW OUTER ROAD. The new outer road connects with Flying J's truck parking lot. Trucks leaving Flying J for Route 71 need to use the new outer road to access Route 71.

Median island construction on Route FF begins next week, meaning vehicles will only be able to make right turns onto Route FF. The new outer road will be controlled by a traffic signal. The new outer road aligns opposite the existing Route 71 southbound exit ramp.

Journagan Construction Company is the contractor on the project, which is scheduled for completion this month. The contract amount is $643,851.

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