In defense of Joplin
June 15, 2011
We received this letter addressed to the Hon. Eric Cantor (R-VA), majority leader of the House of Representatives

Dear Congressman:
I live close to Joplin, Missouri as well as do business there. My and my wife's friends have lost loved ones, businesses and property. This EF5 tornado may go down in United States history as the second deadliest storm since records started being kept. Words can not describe the devastation that I have seen first hand.

Recently your public statements that aid to the people of Joplin in the form of FEMA relief should be held hostage in exchange for budget cuts is, both despicable, and un-American. Cut foreign aid to countries that are undeserving, like China. $65 Million to China, our biggest creditor, and Joplin deserves nothing? Mr. Cantor you have, your loyalties mixed up.

During the tragedy of Katrina you didn't have a problem ensuring a large donor receive approximately $500,000 in FEMA funds.

You sir, should resign from your position as majority leader immediately and apologize to the people of Missouri for your callous and inexcusable statements. Your actions show no leadership whatsoever.

Congressman Billy Long should have publicly called you out for your horrible and callous remarks. Since he won't, I will.

(signed) Michael Wardell, USMC, Ret.

Editor's note: Sorry for the delay in posting this.

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