Storm shelter petition is circulating
June 18, 2011
Considering the devastation in Joplin and the number of people who did not survive the May 22, 2011 tornado, there appears to be too few people who took the time to sign a petition that supports grants for storm shelters in Tornado Alley.

Lisa Bondeson has taken advantage of the political action organization MoveOn's site, to petition Congress to use Community Block Grant money in order to allow homeowners to install storm shelters in states impacted by tornadoes. She is looking for about an additional 500 signatures before planning to deliver the signatures to Sen. Claire mcCaskill (MO-1).

While the federal government offers grants and low interest loans to build storm shelters after tornadoes have devastated communities, Bondeson believes that residents need to be able to protect themselves from tornadoes before they strike. And so far about 1500 people, mostly living in Tornado Alley, agree.

Here's a post by Carol J. Griesemer of Neosho: "Having just survived the Joplin tornado in a coat closet by working against its 200 mph winds in 4 tries to close the closet door, I couldn't agree more. I was one of the lucky ones, since I only got soaked from the hips down via a hole in the roof above me, but I had no injuries of any kind. A minor miracle, since I could have been cut by flying glass or other objects coming at me as I attempted to close that door! For the sake of others who were more vulnerable, at least 155! I agree there is great need, in this economically disadvantaged area, for federal help with providing safe storm shelters in an area prone to serious deadly storms"

Sandra Lovett who lives in Loma Linda thinks that Home Depot will build a storm shelter when they rebuild. "They need to be commended and our state needs to do something to help ensure others follow Home Depot's lead," she said.

The petition may be found here.

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