POETRY app now is available on all mobile devices
July 27, 2011
CHICAGO — The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is pleased to announce that its POETRY app is now available for the first time for Android and iPad. The free app has been updated for all mobile devices, including the iPhone. Called "essential" by New York Times reviewer Bob Tedeschi, the POETRY app is updated regularly with new poets and poems so that app subscribers are always discovering new poetry.

The updated POETRY app now offers audio versions of many of the 1,700-plus poems included in its virtual poetry library, links to biographies of poets whose work is featured in the app, source information for each poem, and newly added poetry from Francisco Aragon, Rita Dove, Carolyn Kizer, J. Patrick Lewis, and Michael Palmer, among others. Users can browse by poet, mood, subject, or audio availability. Text size may also be increased according to preference.

The iPad edition of the POETRY app includes all of the features available on Androids and iPhones, as well as free digital editions of Poetry magazine. When connected to the Internet, iPad users can download and read the three most recent issues of Poetry as they appeared in print. Electronic editions of the magazine may then be stored in iBook or other e-reader software, allowing app users to read these issues offline at any time. iPad users also may find links to older issues of the magazine, the entire archive of which is available here. The iPad edition of the POETRY app takes advantage of the large-screen format by offering a full-screen view of poems in landscape or portrait orientation.

"Now available on all major mobile devices, the popular POETRY app delivers poetry with ease to even larger audiences, allowing more readers to experience and discover new poetry," said Catherine Halley, editor of poetryfoundation.org. "With additional audio components and free digital editions of Poetry magazine, the iPad edition takes the poetry e-reading experience to a new level."

First released on the iPhone in May 2010, the unique POETRY app offers hundreds of well-known poems by contemporary and classic poets, including Lucille Clifton, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Heather McHugh, Pablo Neruda, William Shakespeare, César Vallejo and many, many others; easy access to new poems from the pages of Poetry magazine; a searchable database of poems to suit any mood or occasion; a folder for saving favorite poems; the capacity to share poems with friends through e-mail and social media; and an engaging, user-friendly interface.

For an Android poetry apps, including POETRY from the Poetry Foundation go here.

For iTunes go here.

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