Ste. Genevieve restaurant garners 3-diamond award
August 03, 2011
The Ste-Geneviève (French spelling), Missouri area is a must see for travelers looking for an out of the ordinary side trip from St. Louis; just take I-55 south. The town, circa 1735, among other things of interest has the greatest concentration of French colonial buildings in North America.

Within Ste. Genevieve is The Tiger Ridge Restaurant, 13326 State Route F, and it is able to brag that it recently has garnered AAA's three diamond rating indicating not only good food from what is described as an "upscale menu of American cuisine that combines fresh ingredients with a local flair" but also offering a degree of refinement and a distinct theme.

"We are very proud of this recognition," said Chris Spence Crown Country's food and beverage director. "Chef Jennifer Asher has worked very hard to bring the very best fresh and local products available and we have worked them into an amazing menu with something for everyone. The restaurant prides itself in farm raised produce such as Black Angus beef and bison grown by its sister affiliate, Crown Farms." And Spence adds, all delicate herbs adorning each entree is grown within Crown Valley's estate.

Tiger Ridge Restaurant is open April through December. Hours for lunch are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and for dinner 5-9 p.m., Thursdays to Sundays. It is closed January through March except for Valentine's Day and special events.

Lodging is also available at three locations in the Crown Ridge Estate--Tiger Den, Tiger Pointe and Tiger View Lodge. Call 573.883.9909 for reservation information. For menus go here. For a virtual tour go here.

Now the unusual part

Crown Ridge houses a tiger sanctuary, a USDA approved big cat rescue facility funded through a 501(c)3 foundation. Its mission is to provide a permanent home for exotic cats that have endured neglect, abuse or who have had undesirable homes. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the sanctuary's education program that features habitat and wildlife conservation principles.

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