Biemdiek creates Mega Fan Dome
August 16, 2011
It looks like a spaceship. Its futuristic design may be seen in many places. What is it?

The Mega Fan Dome, an inflatable tent-like structure, is the proud creation of the Beimdiek Insurance Company of Carthage. It will be seen at various community events, including rebuilding efforts, non-profit events, sporting celebrations and blood drives. It symbolizes Beimdiek's participation in the strengthening of the local community.

So far, anyone may follow the Mega Fan Dome at these dates and locations:

At each event that the Mega Fan Dome is present visitors will have an opportunity to enter a contest to win a $1000 American Airlines voucher for travel with the drawing of the winning name to be made on February 28, 2012. In addition anyone identifying themselves on photos eventually posted on the Mega Fan Dome Facebook page will be eligible for prizes.

“We have been excited about the development of this concept for many months,” said Steve Beimdiek, owner. “Whether we help a non-profit by enhancing their community event, or simply enliven our community spirit, we will be proud to take part.” Kimberly Fullerton, chief financial officer at Beimdiek added, “This is such a tangible way for our company to show our community spirit that has always been a big part of our company culture.”

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