Safe room funding is denied
February 07, 2012
Those Joplin residents who thought they would get state assistance for the construction of residential safe rooms received bad news yesterday (Feb. 6, 2012), when Sam Anselm, assistant city manager, told them that the city's request had been denied due to lack of funding. Anselm apologized to citizens who had been waiting months for word.

As a consolation, Anselm said that about 200 copies of Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business were available for the asking on a first come, first serve basis at the first floor reception desk at Joplin City Hall, 602 S. Main St. FEMA's publication includes construction plans and cost estimates based upon the location of the units.

The ratings of manufactured shelters that underwent debris impact tests also may be found here, Anselm reported.

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