Report will focus on status of Missouri women
February 11, 2012
More than one-third, or 36%, of women in Missouri live in poverty today, 5% more than Missouri men. This is one finding in the soon to be released "Missouri Women's Report." The report, commissioned by the Women's Policy Alliance and produced by the University of Missouri Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis is the first in-depth study to be done by a state organization which focuses on the status of women. The report is a follow up to “Status of Women in the States” a report done by the Institute For Women's Policy Research in 2002 which gave the status of Missouri women an overall grade of C.

The 74-page report examines how women are faring in terms of health care access and well being, workforce and education, economic justice, and civic engagement. These aspects of women’s lives were chosen by focus groups of women in six geographic areas of Missouri. The report provides gender specific data and analysis that can be used by legislators, advocacy groups, and Missouri citizens to understand the barriers women face and the progress women have made in Missouri. The overall well-being of women is understood and accepted as a way to gauge the quality of life for communities and families. The report which breaks down the data by county will be released to the public on March 7, 2012 in booklet and electronic formats.

Margaret Eaton, Women's Policy Alliance Board chair says of the report: “'The Missouri Women’s Report' shows that equity for women in Missouri is still a long way off. This isn’t just bad for women; by keeping barriers in place that prevent half of our population from participating fully in the economy, in their communities, and in government, Missouri is missing a huge opportunity to grow and thrive. Many women are the only bread winners in their households and these barriers prevent them from being able to adequately provide for their families and that has far reaching social and economic consequences.”

The Women's Policy Alliance of Columbia, Missouri is a non-partisan organization whose mission is to improve the status of women in Missouri by providing policy makers, advocates, and the media with data and evidenced-based analysis of public policies that promote women's opportunities for advancement and equality.

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