Pittsburg farmers' market launches website
March 07, 2012
PITTSBURG, KS - Friends and customers of the Pittsburg Farmers’ Market will now be able to access information from the organization's new website. Founded in 2002, the market helps provide fresh, farm-grown produce and handmade goods for the residents of Southeast Kansas.

Available here, the online home of the largest farmers’ market in Crawford County will feature regular updates, market news, and information on market vendors 24 hours a day.

“The website now gives us the ability to reach out to the community seven days a week year-round, where before we did not have that opportunity,” said Trent Kling, media relations director of the Pittsburg Farmers’ Market. “It works well in tandem with the market’s existing social media efforts in our quest to reach out to customers and community leaders all the time, not just when the market is in season.”

In addition to information on existing vendors, the site will include an area where potential new vendors can begin the application process. Another area showcases links to stories about the Pittsburg Farmers’ Market by local media outlets.

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