The visually challenged may need your assistance
March 19, 2012
For those who are uninformed about etiquette when working with someone who is blind the following has been passed along by Andrea D. Buening, special projects coordinator for The Independent Living Center, Inc. of Joplin.

17 Blind Beatitudes

  1. BLESSED ARE THEY that refrain from shouting when they speak to me.

  2. BLESSED ARE THEY that talk directly to me and not to some one else.

  3. BLESSED ARE THEY that say who they are when entering a room and say hello to me.

  4. BLESSED ARE THEY that say goodbye to me when they leave so I am not left speaking to the air.

  5. BLESSED ARE THEY that do not hesitate to say "SEE" when talking to me.

  6. BLESSED ARE THEY who tap my shoulder gently when they approach from behind or from the side when speaking to me.

  7. BLESSED ARE THEY who wait for me to extend my hand before shaking it.

  8. BLESSED ARE THEY who place my hand on a object such as the back of a chair when telling me where it is, so I can seat myself.

  9. BLESSED ARE THEY who do not leave me in a strange environment without orienting me to it.

  10. BLESSED ARE THEY who offer me their arm so they can serve as my guide, instead of grabbing, pulling or shoving me.

  11. BLESSED ARE THEY who come up to me in a large crowd and offer to help me when I appear disoriented.

  12. BLESSED ARE THEY who do not embarrass me in a group of people by openly referring to my blindness in word or action.

  13. BLESSED ARE THEY who laugh with me when I tell a joke related to blindness.

  14. BLESSED ARE THEY who read me the menu and its prices and allow me to order my own meal.

  15. BLESSED ARE THEY who take me to the cashier so I may pay for my own meal.

  16. BLESSED ARE THEY who do not distract my guide dog from being my active eyes.

  17. BLESSED ARE THEY who treat me like a human being, for like it or not I AM a human being.

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