Online disaster guide has been updated
May 26, 2012
“The Use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery, an online guide authored by Rebecca and Genevieve Williams of Neosho and founders of Joplin Tornado Info, and David Burton of the Greene County Extension, has been updated and expanded. It was originally posted in March 2012 and since has been used at FEMA training sessions and even distributed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to county emergency management personnel.

The guide has been profiled in national media where it was labeled informative and useful to anyone interested in disaster recovery or creating a successful social media presence on this topic. The 32-page update includes disaster recovery website information from Woodward, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas as well as the Missouri Flood information page and the new US Tornado information community on Facebook. Suggestions for creating pages like the Joplin Tornado Info page (47,000 followers) and the Branson Tornado Info page (17,000 followers) have been included.

To view the guide go here.

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