Super PACs influence: Rolling in dough
September 02, 2012
MapLight, a non-partisan political money tracker, has created a list of the top five super PACS by spending and the huge amounts they have contributed to influence voters in the 2012 election cycle. Since the Supreme Court ruling that has allowed for the creation of these super PACS that can collect unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and unions, millions of dollars has been raised. From January 1, 2011, to July 31, 2012, the PACs spent $167 million on political expenditures, according to MapLight's analysis that, they say, is "meant to shine a light on the connection between money and votes" in order "to help citizens hold legislators accountable."

In July 2012, super PACs that file monthly reports spent $29.6 million on independent expenditures across the county. Of that total $25.9 million or 88 per cent was spent by these five:

While it seems that more money was poured into the pot opposing each of the major Presidential candidates, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill received $901,868 favorable dollars as compared to $75,567 unfavorable.

To see how the money influenced bills go here.

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